A Financial Dashboard Transforms Your Business Decisions

Financial dashboard

As a business owner, it’s important to work on your business, not just in it. A financial dashboard can help you understand the financial status of your company and make informed business decisions on a regular basis. It presents the most important pieces of financial data for your company in an easily-digestible and clean format.

Above is an example of a dashboard I built for one of my clients. At a glance, my client can see the overall performance of her business and track internal KPIs.

Business owners value dashboards because they ultimately help them make good decisions in a quick way, rather than trying to interpret more detailed financial reports. Someone in your financial department (typically a CFO) who has access to your financial data and a good understanding of your business can create this for you.

Sentinel Finance Group can help you figure out the best metrics to include on your company’s financial dashboard.

Sentinel Finance Group is an outsourced CFO firm in Kansas City and provides fractional CFO services and controller services to local businesses.


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