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We provide fractional CFO services and controller services to local Kansas City businesses.

As a CFO firm in Kansas City, we strive to improve our community by helping local businesses grow and thrive.

Kansas City

Why Do You Need a CFO?


We provide the expertise to ensure your company will remain profitable (and even thrive) during internal business challenges or economic downturns.

Growth & Stability

We help create and guide a long-term financial strategy to ensure stability and growth.


Having a CFO on your team gives your company additional credibility that is important to investors, lenders, and customers.


We act as partners to owners who have a plan and vision but need a financial expert on their team who focuses on optimizing growth and avoiding financial catastrophe.

What Do We Provide?

It’s important to engage a CFO early for company growth and stability. A CFO provides the leadership to grow in the good times and make it through the challenging times.

Business owners are often worried about the cost of hiring CFO services, but the truth is, it’s more costly in the long run to sacrifice growth. CFO services are important no matter what stage your business is at, and we tailor our services based on your unique business situation.

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Professional Financials

Meaningful and professional data is important to make good decisions and to communicate with financial institutions.

Financial Strategy

A CFO provides guidance to inform strategic decisions that drive business growth.


A CFO creates repeatable procedures for your financial processes, because loss of information is risky, inefficient, and expensive.


A CFO provides direction to help with the tough decisions.

Values we live by


Wise decision-making

Our perspective incorporates a balance between long-term and short-term impacts and the implications of our choices on other people.



You can expect dependability, honesty, and openness from us.



We take pride in our knowledge and values, and provide consistent direction.


communication and relationships

We provide clear and regular communication, and show appreciation and respect to our clients.



Our faith drives our ultimate goal to serve our community.



Embracing financial technology is vital to stay competitive in the world today. We believe it is our responsibility to stay up to date with the latest technologies and ensure your company is operating at peak efficiency and security.

CFO Responsibilities

Lead Financial Operations & Strategy

A CFO oversees accounting, financial planning, analytics, investor relations, and tax functions.

Risk Management & Compliance

It's risky to make financial decisions without relying on a professional to advise you. A CFO ensures a company remains tax and bank compliant and manages risk related to debt leverage.

Promote Long-Term Growth and Stability

We standardize and simplify financial processes to enable expansion and growth, and we make recommendations with the big picture and longevity in mind.

Resource Allocation

In light of limited resources, a CFO recommends where to place the next incremental dollar based on what will have the most benefit.


Long-Term View

We keep a long-term perspective in mind in order to make recommendations that will have the best outcomes for growth and stability.

Bringing Value

We focus on creating a financial structure to help you achieve your vision, and we track important metrics to measure progress and success.

Technical Knowledge

We use our expertise to act as a trusted advisor and partner to the CEO.


We provide direct and honest communication. We make recommendations based on data, even if it is not the popular opinion.

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Our Expertise

We have provided outsourced CFO services and controller services for over 10 years. We have worked with a wide range of businesses, including startups, retail, manufacturing, public relations, IT, non-profits, and commercial real estate. We are currently headquartered in the Kansas City area and serve clients across the United States. Read more about us here.

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